Craved Like Runes


Professional design, like many other professional endeavors, is often effective without the recipient knowing exactly why. Superior design uses subtle symbols, colors and shapes which impact the viewer.


Asked to define jazz, Louis Armstrong said, “You’ll know it when you hear it.” I feel the same way about good design. You may not know why you are attracted to good design, but you are attracted nonetheless.

Good design is not about style or fashion, but rather about communication. Communication that not only effectively portrays what you want to say, but also does it efficiently.


Another element of good design is image building and branding. Often, a positive branding image becomes one of the most important properties of an organization, product or service.

Remaining Current

The execution of design is constantly changing due to new technology. The primary benefit of new technology is that it allows for increased flexibility, more solutions, options and ideas. I work to remain current so that I can most effectively execute your design needs.

Even with all the innovations in design software and hardware, I am reminded of the saying ascribed to another jazzman, Duke Ellington: “It is not the piano that makes great music; it is the person sitting at the piano.”

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